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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The life of a mum

Alarm goes off, I wake up, rollover and turn it off.. Aah nice! 

Off to my 9 year old sons soccer game, picked up mum along the way. 

What a game it was.. We got flogged but our boys played awesome! 

There was a little girl on the opposing team she was awesome, I've never seen a girl play like that ever!!

After the great game my boy was named man of the match and it was very well deserved! So proud of him! This is our coach photo bombing lol

Pies for lunch with mum on the way home then home to spend the rest of the arvo/night doin washing! Yuck! All beds stripped and remade except mr 9s as he wanted his quilt back on, so it's washed ready to go back on tomorrow. 

Roast beef for dinner, and peppermint choc chip ice cream for dessert yummy. 
Hehe this is our puppy indi, she is getting so big that she an now reach to the edge of the kitchen bench! Lol I won't be leavin anything too close again! 

I just started colouring some of my kenny k images that I won but our puppies got tired so we went to bed lol

Signing of for now,
Deni x

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