Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Yawn Yawn Yawn

Well it is 10.52pm and I have been pulling a few late ones the last few nights, and yet again here I am lol. Tomorrow is back to school for my 8 year old, and he is not looking forward to it at all poor kid!

Anyway, I was going through all the blogs that I follow and noticed that Scrapbook Stamp Society had a competition on their blog using one of their stamps, I now have a couple so thought I would enter, can't hurt to try hey! So, you have to use one of their images and use a punchies or die. I can so do this! So off I go to enter challenge #16.

The stamp I have chosen to use is IMG 694 I have downloaded her from the Scrapbook Stamp Society Store

Ok so for this card I have used

Copics purchase from craftalot
Hair E15, E21,E18
Skin E000, E00, E21
Shirt R81, R83, R85
Pants B000, B93, B95, B97
Shoes B000, B02
Wings Y00, Y02, Y06 V20, V22, V25

For the card I have used

Kaisercraft Cardstock
Francheville Lavender Symphony
Simplicity 1 inch Venice Ribbon
Krafty Sauers 6mm Pink Satin Ribbon
Bella Bling
La La Land Crafts Rolled Rose Dies Large and the S/M
Amy Tangerines Leaves
Paper Shapers Punch
Derivan Kindy Glitz

and this is the inside of the card.

Time to sign out, it is now 11.29pm, Good Night All xx
Deni xx

Toy Story Card

Sorry I haven't made it in for a few days. I have been a little bit busy just haven't had a chance to get to the computer for an update.
I did finish the Toy Story card for my friend, quite happy with how it turned out :-) I used the Toy Story Cricut Cartridge to cut the front of the card and the inside was done with my trimmer and a sticker from my stash.
Sorry for some reason every time i upload this picture it rotates it, hmmm.

I had a lot of fun with this card and It turned out quite well, im sure my friend will be happy with it.
She also asked me to make her some dinosaurs, which is where these guys come into it. They were made from the create a critter cricut cartridge J


My Friend also received the sympathy card I made a few days ago, she seems quite happy with it :-) What I didn't mention the other day was the reasons for my card, this lady has become a close online friend to me.
Unfortunately she suffered the loss of a special family furry friend. Her dog Poppy and as you can imagine she was greatly distressed, most of us have felt this loss and i felt it my place to help lift her back up. even if was only with a card, its the part i could play in this situation.
Ooh hubby bought home a new washing machine a couple of days ago, so thankful for it i tell you. we thought we were doing the right thing a few months ago swapping our small front loader for a bigger top loader, but the washing machine we got started leaving crap all over hubbys work clothes and ruining most of our clothes, so I ended up having to wash all of our clothes in bra bags, which was doing my head it!
I think that's about it for now, but i will be back later with more updates once i remember what i wanted to say lol.
Deni x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wow, I seem to be having alot of busy days lately lol. Today we slept in after having a busy day yesterday, worst part is waking up and feeling like you could so do another few hours lol.

I finished making my sons friends 5th birthday card, then helped someone else to make some labels work for their product. by this time I think it was nearly lunch time. We had to race down to the shops to buy a last minute present since we were supposed to do it yesterday but ran out of time.

Came home had a quick bite to eat and then it was time to head off for the party. The party was at our local Bike Education Centre. I have never been there before as my eldest was at his dad's last time he had a party to go to there. Anyway, it was good, there was lights and everything so the kids could understand about road rules and that type of thing.

Unfortunately my card was a bit rushed since I left it to the last minute and didn't have the right cardstocks to do a nice card :-( So I don't have any nice pictures to share with you today.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a craft day.. I have a couple of cards that I need to make up including a Toy Story one which should be fun.

I dont have much exciting to talk about today since I haven't been up to much, still haven't finished reading my latest book yet either so can't talk about that. It has been a bit slow the last few pages so I am getting a little bored and nearly ready to finish which sux. I will finish reading it, just might take me a little while.

Signing out for now,

Deni xx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

School holidays coming to an end

Well only a few more days left of school holidays, so need to cram in as much craft in before they do lol, then its back to reality and business.

Not a lot of crafting today unfortunately, was dying for a v this morning (yes I am a v aholic) so went to the servo and then picked my mum up on the way home. My parents live not far from me thankfully.

Hubby has today and tomorrow off work which is nice, it's hard finding time with him lately because he is so busy with work (we own our own business). Anyway so today was an at home day, he built himself a cupboard and shelf type thing for the lawn mower and whipper snipper so they could go in the garage and come out of the shed.

We were lucky enough a few months ago to score my brother and sister in laws old kitchen when they did a Reno, so have been using all the bits and pieces. First thing that was done was hubby built himself a work bench with cupboards and all, I used a few pieces of shelving in my craft room. So this is where the pieces for today's shelf/cupboard came from. I also had my eyes on another cupboard that has been sitting in the garage waiting and collecting dust lol.

I have been hounding him about putting it in the laundry above the sink, but he said wait til we have some nicer stuff for in there. While we were doing stuff in the garage we decided to cut down an old computer desk we had and put the 2 cupboards on top of each other at the front of the garage next to my car (space saving already lol).

Anyway so back to the smaller cupboard.. Our 4 year old was in his plastic cubby house playing and I said to mum I should get hubby to make him a little desk/shelf type thing so he can play play dough in there where the puppy's can't get him. Then I got the ding ding ding lol. So I put the cupboard in his cubby house on top of some wood so he could open it and pack all his play dough stuff in there! Looks frighten awesome and he loves it :-)

I started on a card with my cricut while doing all this (multi tasking typical mum) but didn't get very far cause I was doing too many things.

My 4 year olds BFF has his birthday party on Saturday and I still haven't finished the card! Tomorrow I need to go and get the present too. Cooper is into Disney Cars at the moment so that will hopefully be the theme for card and present.

Tomorrow is mr 4s school day and hubby is home again.. So not sure how school drop off is going to go knowing his dad is home and so is mr 9 since he is on school holidays. Last week he was off sick and 2 weeks before that, so it's been a bit harder lately.

Tomorrow will also be haircut day, so as soon as we pick him up we will be racing out to the barbers. We also need to go and register our new puppy Indi with the local council before we get fined some ridiculous amount..

No pics of anything today sorry, in bed already and it's just too cold lol. I have an order of Copics coming from my Favourite shop Craft-a-lot, hopefully they will be here tomorrow so I can play with what little time I think I may have.
Oh actually I just realized I can upload a pic that I have on the iPad. I made a few changes to my card from last night, I have entered the original into the challenge, but made some changes before it hits my store, I have also since added a couple of bling dots since taking this picture :-)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Late night post

A late night post tonight :-)

Started off my today with a I don't want to wake up pose lol! Was up late last night creating a card for a very special friend of mine. I got a little carried away and then realized it was midnight oops.

My friend Hollie said something to me last night as we were chatting in between her busy schedule when I was telling  her about my card and it made me smile and teary, she is such a close friend of mine and she always seems to say just the right thing :-)

This is what Hollie said when I told her 😊

"That sounds lovely, you are, without a doubt, one of the kindest souls on this planet".

Hence why I was on such a high making my card last night lol.

So for my card I used an image by Wee Stamps the image is called Sympathy Bugs. I fell in love with this image the minute I seen it :-)

So for this card I have used

Purple Ac Cardstock
Le Jardin Grove Paper (reverse) from my stash
White Cardstock from my stash


V20, v22, v25
R81, r83
Y00, y21

G21, g43, g24

Tree branch
E25, e37, e59

E53, e21, e31, e35

E000, e00, e01

I even made another card tonight for Kerry's Crafty Cards and Cuts so I am quite proud of myself this week lol. 
The image I have used on tonight's card is an image from Digital Delights By Louby Loo. The image is called Hip Hop Myrtle The Turtle.

What I have used on this card

Green American Crafts Cardstock
Purple American Crafts Cardstock
Le Jardin - grove paper

Copics purchased from Craft a lot

Body & Shell Y00, Y35, Y38
G 94, G99 and c5 for shading 
Hat V20, V22, V25, V28
Toes E57, E59
Skin E21, E31, R11

O, so this one here goes with the sketch

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Busy Day!

What a busy day!

Had to wait for a lady to come and pick up some things from me this morning that I sold on a local garage sale site, she was 15 minutes late, and I was waiting for her so that I could go out, I even had the kids packed in the car ready to go lol.

Then off to a scrap shop to pick up some new copic markers, then back to my parents place to sort, complete my copic colour sheet and hopefully play (which I didn’t end up doing).

I am now at home, I just finished a card for Kerry's Crafty Cards and Cuts using a sketch January Sketch,  turned out quite nice actually, I seem to do better with not having to use my brain too much today lol.
Products I have used with this card are:

Giraffe digi by CC Designs from a set called Safari Pals. (sorry can't give colouring details as this is an image from my already coloured stash.

Kaisercraft Red Cardstock

The Leaves from the Daisy Die from Quilled creations

Admit one ticket from Whimsy Stamps The Good Life Tickets and it was cut with the matching ticket die
Red 6mm ribbon from Ribtex
This card will be for sale on my Facebook Page soon.
Hope you have enjoyed my post, this is Deni signing out :-p


Monday, 22 April 2013

Blog Ready

Well my blog is now ready for public consumption lol. My friend Lauren has worked so hard on this for me and it is now ready for me to play with :-)

Today I haven't done too much crafting, all the fun SAHM stuff this morning, then fruit and vege shopping and hot chips on the way home for the kids who were well behaved!

Put an order in for some new Copic markers from Craft-a-lot which is always exciting and costly as I try to make it a big order lol.

I managed to put a card together this afternoon, using Heart Key Marci from La La Land Crafts
She looks awesome, unfortunately I can't share colours as this is one that was sitting on my desk from a previous coloring session.

I bathed both our dogs today, wasn't that fun, our German shepherd puppy Indi has now realized she can get out of the bath lol! And that does not make bath time any easier! Charli (maltese shihtzu) is pretty good but she is only small so can't get out yet.

Tonight my sons and I made a schnitzel process line lol and made them from scratch with them both helping :-) and without bribes! Then I made mushroom sauce from scratch yummy. Now waiting for hubby to get home so I can cook the snitty and reheat the sauce for dinner.

I'm so over thinking about dinner ideas so if anyone has any ideas for a fantastic dinner let me know :-)

I will add all the links in later, but for now its time to say my goodbyes as I think hubby should be nearly home .

Deni xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another day of illness

Hello all,

Well another day of illness at our house, aren't we lucky! I have managed to do a load of washing and vacuum the house. I even put our electric blanket back on our bed, it was so cold here last nit, hubby was wondering why I didn't have the gas heater on yesterday, and that's saying  something lol. He is Scottish so doesn't normally feel the cold until the middle of winter.

This morning I sorted some more of my clear cling stamps that I received from my good friend at Craft A Lot. I purchased some clear DVD cases without the insert from my friend Mel what a great idea they are, my stamps are now in labelled cases and I can find them so much easier!

I have been working on a new image for a card this image is Star Boy Luka from LaLa Land Crafts.
For this image I have used my Copic markers, purchased from Craft A Lot.

I have used

Skin e50, e53,e21 and r20
Hair e29, e18, and e15
Cape and mask r24, r27, r29 and r39
Pants b93, b95, and b97
Gloves and star y06, y08
Belt yr23, yr24 and yr 27

Not sure what I am doing with this image, but it always helps to have them colored up ready.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Well well who would have known that I of all people would have a blog :-)
Well I am very excited to say I have finally made it! There won't be any exciting pictures tonight as I am sitting in bed on the iPad with a sick little boy :-(

It has been a busy week with putting together a gorgeous farmyard themed Baby shower card.

This card uses a gorgeous stamp by Louby Loo. He is part of the Donkeying around set and was colored with my Copic Markers. I have used papers from my stash, American Crafts Cardstock and a Spellbinders Lacey Squares Nestabilities die.

For this image I have used the following markers

For the Hair,Feet and nose e59, e47,e71
For the Body e37, e35, e31
For the Bow y00, y02, 706
For the Shoes c5, c7

Am about to now head to bed with a new book Dodge the bullet by Christy Hayes, which can be downloaded from the iBooks store

 After reading the Vincent brothers first book yesterday, which can be downloaded from the ibooks store

 Not sure if I can get into another one just yet so let's see how we go :-)

Good Morning

Good morning all, well it is a lovely rainy day in south west Sydney today. Another day inside again today I am thinking. Not that I am planning to go anywhere as our 4 year old son was up all night coughing and coughing and I am now also feeling unwell.
So craft today? See what happens lol.

Well we have made lots of changes to my blog layout thanks to some tips from lots of friends. I am so lucky to have everyone helping out with this new adventure.

Sitting with a blanket at my craft desk listening to the rain, it is so heavy right now, it is already lunch time and I am so exhausted already!

Thankyou to my friend Lauren for all her hardwork putting my blog together, I appreciate it so much x