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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wow, I seem to be having alot of busy days lately lol. Today we slept in after having a busy day yesterday, worst part is waking up and feeling like you could so do another few hours lol.

I finished making my sons friends 5th birthday card, then helped someone else to make some labels work for their product. by this time I think it was nearly lunch time. We had to race down to the shops to buy a last minute present since we were supposed to do it yesterday but ran out of time.

Came home had a quick bite to eat and then it was time to head off for the party. The party was at our local Bike Education Centre. I have never been there before as my eldest was at his dad's last time he had a party to go to there. Anyway, it was good, there was lights and everything so the kids could understand about road rules and that type of thing.

Unfortunately my card was a bit rushed since I left it to the last minute and didn't have the right cardstocks to do a nice card :-( So I don't have any nice pictures to share with you today.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a craft day.. I have a couple of cards that I need to make up including a Toy Story one which should be fun.

I dont have much exciting to talk about today since I haven't been up to much, still haven't finished reading my latest book yet either so can't talk about that. It has been a bit slow the last few pages so I am getting a little bored and nearly ready to finish which sux. I will finish reading it, just might take me a little while.

Signing out for now,

Deni xx

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