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Thursday, 25 April 2013

School holidays coming to an end

Well only a few more days left of school holidays, so need to cram in as much craft in before they do lol, then its back to reality and business.

Not a lot of crafting today unfortunately, was dying for a v this morning (yes I am a v aholic) so went to the servo and then picked my mum up on the way home. My parents live not far from me thankfully.

Hubby has today and tomorrow off work which is nice, it's hard finding time with him lately because he is so busy with work (we own our own business). Anyway so today was an at home day, he built himself a cupboard and shelf type thing for the lawn mower and whipper snipper so they could go in the garage and come out of the shed.

We were lucky enough a few months ago to score my brother and sister in laws old kitchen when they did a Reno, so have been using all the bits and pieces. First thing that was done was hubby built himself a work bench with cupboards and all, I used a few pieces of shelving in my craft room. So this is where the pieces for today's shelf/cupboard came from. I also had my eyes on another cupboard that has been sitting in the garage waiting and collecting dust lol.

I have been hounding him about putting it in the laundry above the sink, but he said wait til we have some nicer stuff for in there. While we were doing stuff in the garage we decided to cut down an old computer desk we had and put the 2 cupboards on top of each other at the front of the garage next to my car (space saving already lol).

Anyway so back to the smaller cupboard.. Our 4 year old was in his plastic cubby house playing and I said to mum I should get hubby to make him a little desk/shelf type thing so he can play play dough in there where the puppy's can't get him. Then I got the ding ding ding lol. So I put the cupboard in his cubby house on top of some wood so he could open it and pack all his play dough stuff in there! Looks frighten awesome and he loves it :-)

I started on a card with my cricut while doing all this (multi tasking typical mum) but didn't get very far cause I was doing too many things.

My 4 year olds BFF has his birthday party on Saturday and I still haven't finished the card! Tomorrow I need to go and get the present too. Cooper is into Disney Cars at the moment so that will hopefully be the theme for card and present.

Tomorrow is mr 4s school day and hubby is home again.. So not sure how school drop off is going to go knowing his dad is home and so is mr 9 since he is on school holidays. Last week he was off sick and 2 weeks before that, so it's been a bit harder lately.

Tomorrow will also be haircut day, so as soon as we pick him up we will be racing out to the barbers. We also need to go and register our new puppy Indi with the local council before we get fined some ridiculous amount..

No pics of anything today sorry, in bed already and it's just too cold lol. I have an order of Copics coming from my Favourite shop Craft-a-lot, hopefully they will be here tomorrow so I can play with what little time I think I may have.
Oh actually I just realized I can upload a pic that I have on the iPad. I made a few changes to my card from last night, I have entered the original into the challenge, but made some changes before it hits my store, I have also since added a couple of bling dots since taking this picture :-)

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