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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Never Enough Time

Why is there never enough hours in the day?

Well this morning I went to the car auctions with hubby, had to leave him there as I wasn't feeling well, 5 minutes after I left I received a phone call from my 9 year olds school to say he had an accident and was in sick bay.

Im not one for the whole things happen for a reason, but I am not feeling fine. so wondering if inside I knew something had happened.

Anyway, face into someone else's shoulder is never going to be a good ending. Thankfully there was no blood just a sore nose, sore teeth and gums. Poor kid. He is now dosed up on pain killers and watching TV in bed.

It is a miserable day here at the moment, no rain yet but i'm thinking it isn't too far away..

I started working on some card inserts for the friend who is having her baby shower (the invites I recently made) She has decided they do not want gifts so asked for something to go inside the card to say so. I mentioned to her that I seen something on Pinterest only a few days ago about bringing a book for the baby instead of a present. She loved the idea! So I am now designing the cards to go inside the cards. They are looking good so far but no pictures to show just yet :-)

Time to get on with Mummy duties ... hanging out washing (we have a clothesline under our pergola for days like this) and then a vacuum..then hopefully I can work on these cards :-)

Catch up soon,

Deni x


  1. Awwww love - I hope your little one gets better soon, take care - Mums never have enough hours in the day but make sure you take time out for you

    Zoe x

  2. Time out for me is hiding in my craft area lol.

    Mr 9 is fine, had a headache for the day but was fine on Thursday.


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