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Monday, 15 July 2013

Book Review - Kate Perry "Perfect For You" Lauren Heights #1

Just finished reading "Perfect For You" by Kate Perry, wow what an awesome book. 

You can download it from iTunes here

I was lucky enough to get this book while it was free on iTunes, but honestly it is worth paying for. Such an awesome story about how love can be found in many ways, a small push from a little sister  and maybe some game playing by the special man in this story. 

Freya and her sister lost their parents in a tragic car accident after a court case involving their father. 

Their father lost his medical license and everything they owned, including their house after the court case went wrong. The lawyer that represented their father took them for a ride causing them to lose the lot. On the way home they tragically lost their lives leaving Freya to take care of her younger sister. 

Because of this tragic even Freya has a rather large distaste in lawyers. The upstairs neighbor in her apartment complex has the hots for her, Freya wants nothing to do with him once she finds out what he does for a living... She tries her best to stay clear of him but like in an love story they find themselves in each others arms. 

You can purchase this book on  iTunes and it may also be available in other forms, this is my form of my choice as it allows me to read it on my iPad. 

Hope u like this book and become a fan of Kate's like I have. 

Enjoy a good book and relax :-)

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