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Friday, 28 June 2013

Book Review - Dark Deceit by Lauren Dawes

Hello to all my beautiful followers! I have just finished reading Dark Deceit by Lauren Dawes. I quite enjoyed this book. A little crime fighting, a little love, and maybe a little R Rated in parts but hey sometimes a good book entales some steam hehe.

I give this book 8/10.

If u enjoy reading mythology type books then put this on your must read list, it only took me a couple of nights to read In between my kids busy schedules.

The Connection between the characters is awesome as is the storyline that goes along with them.

Korvain to me is the main character, he is sent to kill Bryn, to make way for his boss to kill Odin, and that isn't an easy thing to do when she is always covered with guards, so he needs to get into the inner circle. He begins working at the club and this allows him the access he needs, but a connection is formed and he is unsure if he can do what he was there for..

I can't wait for the next book in this series, I'm sure I will be as hooked as I was with this one, I'm already hanging in to see what happens next..


The time of the Aesir gods is over. Now they live among the humans in their bustling modern cities. Their brutal dominion over the gods and humans may have ended, but their actions have not been forgotten.

Korvain is feared like no other. His ruthlessness and cold heart are legendary, but when he is given the task of killing one of the most fabled goddesses of all time, he is left with an undeniable desire to make her his own. Failure in his task means only one thing: death. Will he follow his orders, or will he follow his heart?  

Bryn’s whole world crumbled when she left Odin’s service to protect the other Valkyries. Now living with the humans, she is the only thing standing between them and total destruction. But her beliefs are about to be shaken to the core when she meets Korvaina completely irresistible Mare who threatens to take away more than just her innocence.

Dark Deceit Excerpt: 

He lowered his head, his lips like the softest suede against her mouth. His tongue licked at her, insistent, persuasive. She opened for him, surrendered to him.

Slowly, he released her wrist, stretching her arm above her head. He did the same with her other arm, holding her there with his hot, strong fingers. With his free hand, his fingers skimmed over the tee and boxer shorts she’d worn to bed, touching her, heating her skin. Fingertips inched up the fabric, caressing her softly.

Her hips rolled forward when he reached the edge of her shorts. He smiled, flashing a monstrous set of fangs at her as he did, and dipped a finger below the elastic waist. Bryn’s whole body was alive, buzzing with so much energy she expected to see little sparks flying off her skin. Korvain purred his approval and, without releasing her wrists, climbed on top of her.

She opened up her legs to him, welcoming his weight, relishing in the touch of his body. Cradling him with her hips, she melted under him, taking him into her body like he was designed for her and her alone. Korvain released her arms, his free hand burrowing under her shirt like he needed to feel her skin.

She grabbed his thick biceps, squeezing that muscled heat. His massive shoulders moved with his deep, hungry breaths as he stared down at her. With his elbows pressed into the mattress, supporting his massive weight, he purred down into her ear. The vibration went all the way through her.

She reached out to touch his face, running her fingers along his jaw, along his bottom lip. Her eyes slid shut when his mouth crashed into hers

Meet The Author - Lauren Dawes

Lauren Dawes is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance writer and the author of the Half Blood Series and the Dark Series. You won’t find any friendly vampires or werewolves in between the pages of her books; just blood, teeth and violence. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or teaching. She currently lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband and cat.








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