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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Late night colouring

Hi everyone!

Just a quick pop in post, I have been so busy lately trying to find a house that I haven't been crafting much other than orders (which I haven't been taking notes on) which will post up later on in the week when I have a chance to do a full blog post. 

Tonight I have been doing so colouring and watching movies.. Trying to take my mind off missing my kids lol. Yes they fight like crazy when they are home but when they are not here I miss them. 

I purchased some new Cc designs stamps a few days ago (yes I forgot to post that didn't I.. Oops. 

My aunt has been asking me to start getting ideas ready for her daughters teacher at the end of the year. I had forgotten to order these stamps with my last big order so had to do a separate one just for these. 

I purchased 

This was only a small order as like I said I forgot to order these ones. 

I will add the links later on today after I have a nap.. It's 12.28am and I haven't been up this late in a long time so my eyes are now fighting being awake. Here is a couple of pics of what I have been colouring tonight and last night :-)

I hope you like them, I am hoping to get them onto cards tomorrow, but whether that happens is another story. 

See you in blogger land again soon,

Deni x

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