Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Tape Club Delivery

Good Morning :-)

I was thinking this morning that I should start sharing my craft deliveries with you all.

One of the main deliveries I get in every month is my Tape Club Delivery. A friend of mine owns Create By Me Studio who has these awesome Tape Club Subscription packages for tape. They do also sell other products - stamps, dies, papers and lots more.

I personally purchase the 6 ATG Generic tape club subscription every month, it suits my needs and allows me to have an excess stock before my next package comes, I have very rarely run out of tape haha.

My suggestion would be to start with a small sub, 3 tapes then keep track of how long it takes you to go through those, if you require more then upgrade to the 6. Mel is awesome to deal with and will help you out with any enquiries.

ATG TAPE CLUB (Generic) Shipping Included Per Month 1 Roll $6.99 2 Rolls $9.50 3 Rolls $15 6 Rolls $27.99 12 Rolls $55.00 24 Rolls $100

ATG SCOTCH TAPE CLUB Shipping Included per Month 1 Roll $10.99 2 Rolls $16.99 3 Rolls $21.99 6 Rolls $46.99 12 Rolls $97.99

I hope you'll go and check out these great deals, let Mel know I sent you (you can let her know in the comments section if going through paypal or by email) and happy crafting.

I hope you have enjoyed my post today, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message or contact me via facebook (all links can be found below).

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