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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Late night post while I can't sleep :-(

Not sure where my mojo is lately but it seems to be hiding. I am also hating my digi stamps at the moment, and since I sold most of my rubber stamps, I am now trying to build them all back up again. Not sure what's going on there... 

It's a bit heart breaking knowing how much I have spent on my digis, maybe it's just a temporary thing, I'm not sure but I am really struggling at the moment. 

I created a card yesterday which I will post up soon, but not as many cards as I normally make once I start. 

Let's do a life update instead lol. 

Hubby bought himself a new car tonight, a vk Brock commodore, it's a very nice car, needs a few bits and pieces done to it but it's in good condition for its age (it will be 30 next year). He was very excited about it which is great. We still have the car yard cars Each also, this is more a toy for him to drive on days off if we go for a nice drive somewhere etc. See what happens lol. 

Not much happening with me, just the normal cooking, cleaning, running around, all the normal mum things I guess. 

For those of you who have asked how my mum is doing, she is doing well, she finished her radiation treatment a week or so ago now, so just have to wait for her blistering to heal so she can feel a bit normal. She will have check ups and more tests in 6 months when all the scar tissue etc has gone down. But til then it's a waiting game. Her and my dad have just gone away for a few days to get a break from everything which is nice. 

My 5 year old starts his kindergarten orientation this week, he is pretty excited, it's only an hour and a half once a week, just to get them ready for starting school next year. I cannot believe how quickly this has gone, my baby is growing up :-( 

My almost 10 year old is doing all the teenage (yes a bit early I know) things at the moment which is driving me crazy. I am over the back chat etc. Only hope it doesn't last too much longer lol. The boys have their nice brotherly moments but it never lasts long lol. 

Omg, I did something really stupid this week and locked my keys in the boot of my car and we only have one set of keys! What a nightmare! Hubby tried the good old wire trick for an hour and a half finally popped  the glove box (there is a button for the boot in there) and pushed the button but the boot wouldn't pop :-( next was he decided breaking a window was our next cheapest option, he used a sledge hammer and the bloody thing wouldn't smash lol. Could not believe it I tell ya! Lol. Finally we decided to ring a locksmith, cost a bit but he got the doors opened, then I had to climb through the back seat put the seats down and into the boot to find the keys. Lol. What a night! :-( 

Well it is 11.42pm on a Saturday night here in Sydney, Australia so I guess I Chou,do probably try and get some sleep. 

Night all x


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